Sunday, March 1, 2009

Camp Anduramba – Phase Two, now with ensuite

Another two days off work and another station wagon filled with Flowers and their dogs, tools and stuff heading out to the block to get stuff done.

We hit the ground running with project ensuite!  Our kindly benefactor (previous owner of the block) had left us with a shower base and stand to sit it on.  So it was all action stations, see pics or the video below for the results:

Next step was to go and cut down some dead trees for lumbar.  We collected a nice pile of shiny beams!


I then took the opportunity to catch up some important literary study (umm novel reading) while Dom set to work expanding our empire.  That brushcutter went off!


Our favourite lumberjack sees an object in every fallen timber.. so two small stumps and a generous log soon became:


A comfortable fire-side stool. 

After a disturbed nights sleep (note to self don’t attempt to sleep along a slope…) Dom was up bright and early and getting stuck into operation, build a whole new room!


Within a matter of hours logs that had been laying peacefully on the ground were upright, firmly placed into position.  The plan is a large tin-covered outdoor room to use as our living area, thus removing the need for temporary tarps.  Looking good, don’t you think?  The fun is on each weekend, so any other keen lumberjacks, sword smiths or novel readers are welcome to join in the fun!    


Olive on May 4, 2009 at 2:34 PM said...

What a wonderful looking place you have, nice flat land, not like ours, mountain goat country.

All the best with your plans.


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