Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Flower Family moves to Crows Nest


So the next step in the long running grand plan has been taken.  We are now Crows Nest residents and what a relief!  For those of you who are not facebook friends, here are some pics of the new house:


The view from our front yard and just one of the many roses in our garden.


The backyard, showing two of three sheds, and existing fruit trees.


The dog run – for entrapment during the day and our shady place under the tree.


Looking back towards the house from under the tree.

100_1463          100_1436

The lounge room, sitting end and tv watching end.


The dining room, and the study.  So many rooms!


The kitchen and resident chef.

100_1441          100_1443

The walk in pantry!  The bathroom.


The guest room, ready and waiting.

There is also our room and bubbies room.  The nursery is still a work in progress, almost there, just a couple of things to put together.  Bit frightening each time we walk past and look in to see a room for a baby!

Small town life has been very kind to us so far.  Dom is now a five min bike ride to work (downhill all the way there, a bit more effort required to get home!) and my drive is an easy 35 mins or so bopping along to my favourite tunes.

The dogs are very happy, in their run during the day chomping on bones and exploring the acre of yard they have been gifted when we are home.  BJ loves the horses over the road and likes to bark a deep hello to them if they approach the fence opposite our house.  Gypsy is coming to terms with the anti-bark collar we invested in and is trying her best to be a very good girl now that she is primarily an outside dog!

We have been busy meeting lovely locals and yesterday attended our very first Crows Nest Day as part of the week long Crows Nest festival.  We took it in two shifts, attending the parade, chainsaw races and markets during the day then back at night for a roast dinner, country music and fireworks!  Lovely.  And to top it all off, the middle of the afternoon surprised us with a wonderful drenching storm which our current garden and the block are sure to have loved.


Dom checking out the restored engines pumping away noisily.

 100_1474   Chainsaw racing.  The goal is to cut three ‘biscuits’ (thin slices of log) no wider than the marked lines.  First to loft his chainsaw high, with three completed biscuits wins!  Very noisy, sawdust in your eyes, awesome :)

100_1477 100_1478

The parade seemed to be themed on the many forms of available transport, and also celebrated 150 years of Queensland.  So there was foot transport, with drums and pipes, and tractor transport.

100_1479 100_1480

Horse and carriage transport and just plain old horse.

 100_1481 100_1482

Beautifully resorted classic cars, and if you have four feet use those too!  (This one is for you Tash!)

   100_1485    100_1489

There was dirt bike transport, as any self respecting Crows Nest child knows is the ONLY way to get around, and apparently even emu transport!    100_1493

Centenary Park in the centre of town was transformed into a market place, entertainment space and dining room. 

Then home for a pair of snoozes only to be awoken by the fury of this storm. 

    100_1497 100_1498      

And then back into town for a lovely roast dinner, to listen to a live country music performance and the grand finale fireworks display.  Oh and icecreams, there were icecreams :)


In other news, we have been in contact with Ergon and they have pegged out the placement for our power connection.  Still quoting that it will be done by January.  We need to speak to our sparky to get a builder’s pole erected, as if it is there when Ergon show up they will connect the service to the pole as part of the deal.  So need to get on to that! 

We actually haven’t been out to the block since moving here… should go out this afternoon.  Dom is out re-discovering his love of golf at the Crows Nest Golf Club.  Loving the honesty box system on a Sunday morning which means, as long as the sun is up and you have 10 dollars in your pocket you can play :)  Hoping to get across to the Cabarlah markets once he gets home to stock up on local fruit and veg for the week, then home to relax away the last of the weekend – so maybe a Sunday drive out to the block will be in order.


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