Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're Here!

A week after offically arriving in Toowoomba we have access to the internet so I can share with you all our progress! Dom has been working away at his new job since Monday leaving me to set up house and run errands. We are pretty settled now, just in time for the test match so everything is running to schedule!

So, would you like a tour of our little house?

Here is our street! And at the end there is the wonderful off-leash dog park that runs for a couple of kilometres through our suburb. Dogs love it, we love it!

This is our house! With a lovely little front porch to sit and watch the world go by. And a small dog-free front garden.

Just inside and to the right is our bedroom! A nice big room with a built in cupboard and air conditioning! On the other side off the hallway is the guest room, which at the moment has nothing in it worthy of taking a photo!

A little futher down the hall and on the left is our utility room, ironing board, shoes, golf clubs, all the essentials :)

And on to the lounge room. A bit of a tight squeeze, but cosy is nice! And with our new policy of no dogs in the main house (unless we invite them!) there is suddenly a lot more room on the couch for us!

And off the lounge is the cosy eat in kitchen. And next to that the child gate from heaven that keeps the dogs in the laundry (gradually, day by day, they are learning that being outside, on the grass stuff is not so bad and every now and then I catch them enjoying being outside! Like real dogs!).

Behind the gate, at this stage, we may move it once we figure out how to secure it, is the bathroom, toilet and laundry.

And then you are out the back door into a giant backyard!

Complete with Hills Hoist, which I haven't bumped my head on....yet. Our street is a three minute drive from my work, a five minute drive from Dom's and surrounded by little corner stores and regional shopping centres. It is five minutes into the middle of town as well, so perfect really!

Last weekend, the day after we had settled in we drove out to the block just to remind ourselves that we are now so close! The drive took 55 minutes from door to shed door, including about 10 minutes waiting at traffic lights in the middle of nowhere on the road works they are doing. So it is safe to say that it will be about 50 minutes from my work to our house when it is built, and I can certainly live with that!
The area has had a lot of rain lately and it certainly shows, the dams are bright and shiny and full, the grass is long and green and the birds are singing with joy.

Click on the images for larger versions.
And that is about it for now. We are focussed on saving every penny to get through this move and three weeks that I am not working, then once our routines are set next year we can start on operation build-a-house! Oh and hopefully play some golf....

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