Monday, April 7, 2008

In loving memory...

Another wonderful weekend, and another blissful trip to our block.

We have just returned from another of our flying visits, this Sunday after a lovely evening staying in Brisbane with Jane, we took her out to see our place!

We had a great run from Brisbane in the gentle Sunday morning traffic. We arrive mid morning and settled in for a delicious and friendly breakfast at the Sundowner cafe in Crow's Nest then after a quick saunter around the Sunday markets, headed out for a showing-off of what we have!

The district looked drier than before, despite quite a lot of rain the past few weeks. A sign of the season I suppose. The long grass on the block was still there, but no longer a lush green. As Dom took Jane on the grand tour, I collected the pickets and string that had marked out our house plan. It looked as though Tom's livestock had been wandering through our loungeroom!

The shed was still intact and quite magically, all of the food we had accidentally left in the bathroom cabinet that acted as our kitchen was fine, the bread was displaying wonderful shades of blue and green but everything else was intact, and most has stayed there awaiting our next visit.

The sad news is that our little native that we had hoped to give a new home had not survived. There it sat in a brown and brittle memory of the vibrant seedling it had been. Lesson learnt. We will now wait until we are the permanent caretakers of the land before attempting to add any new flora. So we honoured its passing and moved on.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until we had left that we realised we didn't take any photos of Jane on the block, but surely that is just a good excuse for her to visit again in the near future!

So no big news accompanying this visit, but a chance for us to record what everything looked like in early April.

Not sure when our next visit will be, but not too far into the future we hope!


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