Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anybody remember us???

Sometimes we are not sure if we remember us either!  Looking back at my last post I can see how very long we have been out of the loop.

Those in the know, know of course that the previously mentioned Cowboy Flu actually turned out to be me realising I was pregnant!  And the needs of the growing little one left me feeling just awful for a couple of months, preventing us from getting out to the block.  Well we tried once, and here are some images of what Dom got up to while I sat in the shade and sulked :)


Dom building something… a raised garden bed.

12072009_003 Gypsy helping her Dad out with the building…

12072009  BJ helping his Mum out with the sulking and laying about in the sun.

Other than that trip we didn’t get out much until just recently.  Once I recovered from the early stages of pregnancy, we spent a number of weekends in a row with Dom’s family as his Dad has been ill, and more recently Dom has been focussing on his TAFE assessments.

Today we popped out for an hour or so as Dom has to put together a bug collection and we thought the block would be a great place to catch some bugs!  Fun was had running about the place chasing erratically flying butterflies with a net and we did manage to catch three!  So that is a start!

And the big news is that we have managed to score a rental house in Crows Nest!  As of mid-October our new abode will be this place:

houseSo another step towards our goal!  And hopefully a nice quiet life for our growing little family :)

But the even BIGGER news is that we have finally made progress towards getting the power on at the  block.  We have officially accepted the offer for connection and have paid for the connection, now we just have to sit back at wait the six months or so they say it will take!  But very very exciting, and Dom is already dreaming of using power tools (without limiting battery packs) to get all sorts of new jobs done.

The  move will keep us busy, but then once settled in Crows we hope to be out at the block more often and I will keep you in the loop.

Happy Summer Days to All!



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