Sunday, December 2, 2007

How we ended up here.

About three months ago, we took a drive to a little town called Crow's Nest, just 30 minutes northish of Toowoomba in Regional South East Queensland.

For a number of months we had been scouring the internet for cheap rural land, and dreamed of 'one day' buying our own piece of Australia, building a house and living the 'good life'. We saw an interesting looking block listed as 'The Old Church Block' and decided, why not take a Saturday drive and check it out. Our thinking was that we could get a feel for the area, so that at some indeterminate time in the future when we were in the position to buy some land we would have an idea of where to go.

Of course, we should have known better, and ten hours later, after having bypassed the 'trespassers will be shot' sign and wandering about the two acres, complete with shed and bush toilet, we were on the phone to our parents 'negotiating' the support required to make it ours.

And that is how we ended up here. As of Friday November 23 2007 we are the proud owners of two and a bit beautiful acres of Australia.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dom,

Good to see that you aren't having a bludge!! I reckon its going to be the Taj Mahal but maybe out of gum trees instead of white marble!! I will try to tee up a flying visit next time I pass through to see my Dad in Goombungee. Cheers Brian (


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